Work Smarter with Your Employees, Clients and Vendors.

  • Provide Web Access to each employee.
  • Aren’t you tired of keeping weekly employee hours on paper or excel sheets. With AHTNET you can create clients, projects for each client and assign employees working on project.


  • Allows employees to create expense reports.
  • Managers can approve/reject expense report.
  • Invoice one or multiple expense reports to clients for payment.
  • Provides all expense details via email or pdf document.


  • Employees can easily login and enter work hours for assigned projects and attach client approved timesheet in one place.
  • Managers can easily review to approve or reject timesheet to be corrected by employee.


  • You can invoice weekly, by weekly or monthly based on your need. Auto invoicing feature creates invoices automatically based on criteria. You can email invoice or create pdf copy to upload to client provided payment system.
  • Manage your receipts from your clients. Easily view all outstanding invoices to follow up to aggressively manage your cash flow.
  • If you have sub vendors supplying consultants to you, provide web access to vendors enabling them to submit invoices and manage payments.